"Providence St. Mel is one of the most profound educational achievements in the nation. The school uses the entire day as a learning experience for the young people. They all end up going to college - which is unbelievable. But, they have a serious code of discipline, students come to learn..., they enter into a relationship that says – you will adhere to our practices, we will teach you, provide educational opportunities for you and you will learn."
- Congressman Danny K. Davis, US House of Representatives

"I believe the experience at Providence St. Mel shows every child can learn.  If we can replicate the achievement and changes at this one school, we could change the face of American education and America itself."
- The Honorable Roy Barnes, Former Governor of Georgia and Co-Chair, Commission on No Child Left Behind.

“I represent East Los Angeles in the California State Senate.  The Providence Effect is not about a place; the film is set on the west side of Chicago.  But really, the film is based on the American Dream.  The Effect is not about geography or brick and mortar or where a school happens to be built or the neighborhood where a child is from.  The Effect is really us.  The Effect is about the expectations we have for children whether they are from the west side of Chicago or east side of Los Angeles.  The Effect is that education is really what makes us equal in America.”  - Senator Gloria Romero, California State Senate District 24

"This movie will inspire you with the heart-warming story it tells of what is possible when inner-city kids are given the right supports by strong school leaders and caring teachers. The Providence Effect depicts a school and a community that is preparing every one of its students for success in college."
- Michael Thomas Duffy, Executive Director, NYC Department of Education

"The answer to poverty, to economic distress, to social unrest, to most if not all-societal challenges is education. Providence St. Mel is telling us how we can attain it."
- Mike Zawada, Teach for All (global arm of Teach for America)

"Inspiring, uplifting, encouraging.   This is another example that our 100 percent graduation goal is possible.  It all starts with belief that all children can achieve.  Adelante!   We have much work to do."
- Monica Garcia, President, Board of Education, Los Angeles Unified School District

"The movie shows the power of individuals to make a difference in breaking the cycles of poverty by creating an environment where students have no choice but to learn. It documents the phenomenon of what high expectations and hard work can achieve."
- Christina Hykes, Education Specialist, New York Programs, World Vision - Greater New York

"This film made me smile!!"
- Shereen Williams, Director of Community Partnerships, DC Public Schools

"It’s an inspiring story about how we can create success with will, determination, knowledgeable teachers, and effective leadership."
- Barbara Flores, Ph.D,  President of the Alliance for Multilingual Multicultural Education

"This is a powerful documentary that will support the efforts of schools working towards excellence.  Great for professional development and parent engagement."
- Marilyn Calo, Principal, Family Life Academy Charter School

"Providence St. Mel’s 100% placement of its graduating seniors in four-year institutions need to be examined, evaluated, and where possible replicated."
- Damon Caldwell, VP, Chief Program Officer,
The Jackie  Robinson Foundation

"This movie was very inspirational.  The model gives much for other schools to learn from.  Accountability is key for education to be successful!"
- Silvia Alvarez, Bloomberg for Mayor 2009

"Excellent documentary. I will try to be the best I can be for my students because of this film. I am inspired!"
- Gisele Miranda, Guidance Counselor, Renaissance High School

"So inspirational!!  I will change the way I teach tomorrow!"
- Tamara Gayle, Teacher, Bronx Aerospace Academy

"A wonderful, moving story, it reminded me of why I became a teacher. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn about these children, these educators, and this effort."
- Tina Dove, M.Ed.

"Every educator, parent, and student must see this film. Inspiring!"
- Kimberly Jones, Council for Opportunity in Education

"Great film with a lot of practical grassroots strategies that can empower teachers to teach, students to learn, and leaders to lead."
- Marsha Riddlesprigger, New Leaders for New Schools

"If you are ready to stand for education, see the Providence Effect for momentum."
- John Hamilton, Ed.D. UCLA-AAP

"What a wonderful documentary full of wonder and zeal. Tomorrow I will be an even better teacher."
- Johanna Ortega, Teahcer, Academia Moderna

"This film is a brilliant reminder of the power of having higher expectation for our low-income and minority youth.  Yes, everyone can go to college."
- Rocio Gandra., Pueblo del Sol Community Service Center

"A motivating documentary that proves that teaching with passion, discipline, and common sense can improve student success."
- Anomynous

"Encouraging, hopeful, and the message reaffirms for me that "people" is what really counts...adults who are competent, who have expectations and hold themselves accountable, and respect themselves and students. No union barriers or hurdles to work around any longer."
- Dr. Angie Ramirez Stockwell, Commissioner, First 5 LA

"This was a powerful film that challenges every naysayer who says poor kids can't meet high expectations.  They can succeed and they do at Providence St. Mel. This is a roadmap for all our children."
- Alicia Lara, Vice President, Community Investment, United Way of Greater Los Angeles

"What struck me the most is the fact that PSM incorporates best business practices into its organizational structure.  Not academic practices, per se, but core business protocol, such as having a mission statement, a plan, benchmarking, long range planning, accountability, and measurement.  All critical factors for success!  The business, operational infrastructure must be solid so the academic platform can succeed.  Excellent film. Very important topics discussed."
- Sabrina Philson, Board of Directors, Williamsburg Charter HS

"In an ideal world this Providence model is the dream of every NYC principal.  The unions, lack of parents, etc., stands in our way, but I am inspired nevertheless."
- Joelene Lynette Kinard, Principal, PS288

"Inspiring, exciting, riveting!  I am thankful for your gift of vision in bringing this awesome experience to film!"
- Major Greg Canty, US Army, Military Officer in Charge - White House Social Aides

"Amazing, I want to see more."
- Donna Thompson, Wesleyan Upward Bound

"The Providence Effect is still to be seen as transferable to all cardinal points. The three C’s competence, commitment, and caring on the part of all stakeholders, teachers, administrators and parents, is a formula that has been proselytized since Benjamin Bloom introduced the triune mystery of critical thinking or the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of knowledge. What is certain is whatever institution within or outside the traditional paradigm of schooling that chooses to be effective with this new population of public school student will have to address the belief systems of all stakeholders and construct a ‘culture of schooling” that is inclusive and a two way exchange of social and cultural capitol less we repeat the cultural genocide perpetrated by years of hegemonic indoctrination by the dominant culture."
- CC Barrón, Program Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District

"Yes they can!"
- Walter Adams

"Impressive documentary that captures the culture and energy/spirit of the school. An inspiring story that hopefully will open eyes to the potential of students."
- Jose Martinez-Saldona, EdVolution

“Every educator, parent, and student must see this film. Inspiring!”
- Kimberly Jones, Council for Opportunity in Education

"Knowledge is Power"
- Karen Nicholson, Cluster V Special Education Supervisor

"As a former teacher, i've always known that all students can succeed. But this movie really made me believe. If every school cared about their students like Providence does, we would be living in a different world.  As a Chicago resident, I found the movie particularly meaningful. We know what works. We just need the will to do it."
- Jesse Abrums-Morley, Senior Associate Office of Compliance

"I love that they are speaking about college in kindergarten"
- Patti Freckelton, DCPS UELIP Associate

"There really is no limit to the human ability - believe!"
- Yerrie Kim, DCPS Transformation Management Office, Chancellor's Office

"Greatness is a state of mind - invest in greatness, invest in education. When we have the belief that all children should have access to opporunities to learn at the highet level, we get the results we have seen at Providence St. Mel - Bravo!"
- Professional Development Specialist, DCPS

"Blown away. If Providence St. Mel can do it, so can every school in this country. Every child deserves the chance to earn the right to dream. Fantastically made and beautifully told."
- Anonymous

"Inspiring and Exciting - I wish every DCPS student could watch this movie."
- Kulsum Vakharia, Office of Professional Development

"The Providence Effect - this movie needs to be mandatory for DCPS principals to see. The Providence Effect - this movie needs to be mandatory for DCPS students to see. The Providence Effect - this model of school's mission statement shows that all schools should have a mission statement"
- Ebony Lewis, DCPS Ward 8 Parent Center

"Why don't you let someone else do it? "I am someone else" We must all have this attitude to make a difference in this world."
- Anonymous

"A high-quality education is an inherent civil right. Educators must work to ensure that the children receive it. We as educators must have passion to equate with knowledge and care to help each student be successful. Loved this film!"
- Jennie Jones-Sanders, Office of Academic Services

"It is inspiring to see what motivated students can achieve when given the opportunity. The education community should play close attention to Providence St. Mel's success!"
- Maureen Higgins

"Find a way or make a way to educate kids! Parents are the missing ingredient. We need them as partners."
- Cecelia Marting, Director of Family and Community Engagement, DCPS

"Expectations are everything in education. When kids are expected to go to college, they go - and they are equipped to succeed. Aaron Graham"
- DCPS UELIP Intern, Harvard Law School

"There is no excuse. There never has been. Ad, it is most empowering to see a black man at the helm driving this change to let people know that 'lifting while climbing' has not been lost to the forefathers of the civil rights movement."
- Amma Aboagye - UELIP Senior Associate, OCAO

"This story needs to be the norm. I think it all stemmed from the root belief that all students can achieve. PArents, teachers, administrators, and STUDENTS need to be engaged and believe in this. With hard work on all parties, we can make this story the standard."
- Stefanie Williams, DCPS Critical Response Team

"It is remarkable how a single film can capture both the urgency of the current crisis in our education system, as well as the clear prospects for a positive resolution.  I wholeheartedly recommend this film."
- Paul Miller, Executive Director
Teach For America * Los Angeles

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